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Guys, we all know that Avengers: Endgame comes out on Friday. But for TV purposes, the event of the week is the Gotham finale. Oh, and the war with the White Walkers on Game of Thrones, but I really need some time to myself over this Gotham finale.

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!


10-11 Into the BadlandsThe Widow makes a risky play against Pilgrim while Sunny and company journey back… into the Badlands. Like the title!



8-9 MasterChef Junior – The Kidz Bop Kids put their twist on a mystery box challenge. Wait, this is the Kidz Bop where they put out sanitized versions of Top 40 hits performed by children? There’s an actual group of kids who do that and it’s not just whoever can be lured to the studio? I learned a thing!


10-10:30 At Home with Amy Sedaris – Amy’s sponsor sends over a mascot to help out. We all know it’s not going to work out, right?


10-11 Fosse/Verdon – Bob and Gwen pursue separate projects. She’s developing an app and he’s trying out for Survivor. Given when this is set, this is unlikely but I’m behind.


10:30-11 The Last O.G. – Bobby blows an important business meeting for Tray. That’s right, the Tracy Morgan character is not the one who ruins things!


I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson – It’s a six-episode sketch series with the guy from Saturday Night Live and Detroiters, including a bunch of his SNL buddies. This will be weird and fun!




8-9 Survivor – Alliances start to crumble and there’s a crucial immunity win. This is most episodes. The promo people aren’t even trying anymore.

9-10 The Amazing Race – There’s a double U-Turn in Laos and man, I loved that challenge where they had to try to eat a shoe and if the shoe was chocolate, they could move on and that one dude bit like 40 actual shoes.


10-11 Whiskey Cavalier – Will is captured while trying to take down an organ harvesting operation and Frankie has to take her over. I kinda trust her more, so she’ll do fine.


10-10:30 What We Do in the Shadows – Laszlo is captured by Staten Island Animal Control while in bat form. HA! Man, if you are not watching this show, you are missing out and I pity you.


10-11 Happy! – Amanda makes a breakthrough and Sax eats the jelly. I actually don’t know what that means because I’m a little behind. I have to assume it’s worrisome, though.


10-10:30 Brockmire – Brockmire’s mother comes to town. Man, who could play Brockmire’s mother? Is there such a thing as a withholding bottle of Scotch?




8-9 GothamSERIES FINALE! Set ten years in the future, Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham for the first time and we catch up with everybody. Also, we’re going to see both Joker and Batman. I will probably cry when we get our first glimpse of Batman and I’m just telling you this right now. Man, I’m going to miss Gotham.


8:30-9 A.P. Bio – Budget cuts threaten jobs, so Jack plans to take down the superintendent. I’m not sure that solves the problem, but I like his moxie.

9-9:30 Brooklyn Nine-Nine – It’s a real time episode where Jake and the squad try to track down a hacker, while Hitchcock and Scully make lasagna. That division of labor is the only one that makes sense.

9:30-10 Abby’s – Abby gets a letter from her father. Fine, Abby’s father loves her more than mine loves me. Is that what you’re getting at, show? Consider your point made!


10-10:30 Better Things – Sam gets theatrical. Useful listing!




8-8:30 The Simpsons – Lisa is mistakenly granted asylum in Canada during a trip to Niagara Falls. Sure. “Mistakenly”.

8:30-9 Bob’s Burgers – The kids try to get out of running a mile at school while Bob and Linda try to get discount tickets to a show at the Arts Center. This seems relatable. I know how much hefty boys hate to run, Gene.


10-11 Good Girls – Stan faces consequences for his role in Ruby’s criminal dealings. Oh, poor Stan. A man whose only sin is believing his wife.


8-9 Killing Eve – Villanelle takes matters into her own hands on a trip to Amsterdam. I’m not sure this is newsworthy – it’s not like she’s been subcontracting her murders or anything. She’s a hands-on assassin!


9-10:25 Game of Thrones – No information available! That’s how we’re playing this season. But it’s an extra length episode, so something big is going to happen! And based on the trailer, it looks like the war with the White Walkers, which is reportedly the longest battle scene ever filmed. We’re going to lose some people on this one.

10:25-11 Barry – No information available! We’re in the middle of a total shutdown here!

11-11:30 Veep – No information available! Cool job, HBO. So much Game of Thrones secrecy that you can’t even talk about other shows!


“This is the reward I get for years of messing with super science. In short, I pissed in God’s eye and He blinked.” — Thaddeus Venture


“Being a vampire’s familiar is like being a best friend who’s also a slave.” — Guillermo

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