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It is a very short schedule this week because the networks are wrapping up the stragglers and the new Summer stuff hasn’t quite hit yet. As soon as next week, we’ve got some rad stuff (Season 5 of Arrested Development!), but this actual week is pretty light. Which is fine, since the available space on my DVR hit the single digits and I need an exit strategy.

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!



8-9 Dancing With the Stars – SEASON FINALE! Yes, our abbreviated four-week season comes to and end with an abbreviated final episode. Man, ABC is sure willing to throw us under the bus for American Idol, aren’t they?


9-10:15 The Terror – SEASON FINALE! The journey reaches its climax as the men find themselves in a final confrontation with Inuit mythology. It is difficult to explain just how wild this show is, but I really like it.




10-11:10 Legion – The path forward is revealed. I bet I could put together a list of actual episode descriptions of Legion and Westworld and you wouldn’t be able to tell which ones went with which show.


10:30-11 The Last O.G. – Seeing the error of his ways sends Tray into a tailspin. This is not at all the show I expected it to be, but I’m enjoying it quite a bit.


Tig Notaro: Happy to Be Here – Hey, a new comedy special from Tig! This should be swell! I sure hope my friend Becky reads the schedule this week!




8-11 Survivor – SEASON FINALE! It’s a full night of programming devoted to the finale, and I’m really hoping they announce the winner before 10 and the rest is just the aftershow, because I am going to bail the second Archer starts.


10-10:30 Archer: Danger Island“There is no joy in Mudville as mighty Pam strikes out”. Hee! I like the way that they’re breaking from the Dreamland formula and doing mostly self-contained episodes, more like regular Archer. Also, this season has been great.


10-11:15 The Americans – In the penultimate episode, well, everything is falling apart. Elizabeth isn’t sure where her loyalties lie, Philip is in over his head, and Stan can’t just wait for two freaking weeks for the series to end and is trying to get killed here and now.


10-10:30 Brockmire – Jules visits Jim in New Orleans. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to see that he just lives like a total garbage person now.



Huh. Nothing to really talk about tonight. Am I going to catch up on Handmaid’s Tale tonight? Or possibly clear out my DVR and try to get the remaining storage over thirty percent? The possibilities are endless! But they all involve TV.




8-9 BattleBots – Homemade robots fight and weirdly specific grudges come to the fore.



So, the networks shows are all in repeats and AMC is taking Memorial Day weekend off for a lot of Jaws movies.


8-9 Killing Eve – SEASON FINALE! Eve and Villanelle cross paths in a confrontation that will leave neither one unscathed. But there’s a second season, so they may not be super-scathed either. Unless the title of the series is literal and next year it’ll be Villanelle’s next archenemy.


9-10 Westworld – No information available! Which is different from those comprehensive and not at all cryptic listings we usually get. But now that I’m almost caught up on recaps, man, this season is great.


“You’re like the Tiger Woods of being a husband. What he was to golf – not what he was to being a husband.” — Jake Peralta

“Falling. One of humanity’s most feared and misunderstood conditions. The key to successful falling lies in realizing that you are a falling person.” — The Tick

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