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I’m writing this late at night on Sunday so I’m just going to say that I really enjoyed Ant-Man and the Wasp. It’s a lot of fun and you should see it. Everybody cool?

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!




8-10 American Ninja Warrior – Minneapolis qualifiers! One of the obstacles is called “Diamond Dash”, which had to be an NES game, right?




10-10:30 Drunk History – Today we learn about the Middle Ages! Guest-starring Silicon Valley‘s Jimmy O. Yang as Genghis Khan! Also Randall Park appears and he was a narrator just a couple of weeks ago. And he’s in Ant-Man and the Wasp. The man can do everything!


11-12 am Humans – Niska continues her journey and has to defy her instincts in order to survive. Just like me every time I leave the house!




8-9 Big Brother – Veto Competition! Guys, I was at dinner and the women at the next table were talking about Big Brother and the live feeds in particular and I wanted to go and say hello and ask some questions because they were putting out a lot of new information, but I was afraid of looking like a creep. I tried, and I think they thought I looked like a creep. I’ve learned an important lesson about talking to people.

9-10 TKO: Total Knock Out – SERIES PREMIERE! Kevin Hart hosts this obvious Wipeout ripoff. And while I enjoyed your performance in Jumanji, you, Kevin Hart, are no Jill Wagner.


8-9 MasterChef – The chefs cater the wedding of a past winner. Will said winner be empathetic or drunk with power/ We’ll find out!

9-10 Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back – Gordon hangs around a restaurant just long enough to make some changes that are probably not sustainable. I like watching this show, but their approach seems fantastically irresponsible.


10-10:30 Bobcat Goldthwait’s Misfits and Monsters – SERIES PREMIERE! Bobcat put together this comedic anthology series that opens with a voiceover artist being stalked by his most popular character. This looks fun, and this is a rough month for original programming. Why wouldn’t you watch it?




9-10 Big Brother – Live Eviction! I really miss having Zoo on after this show. I would always catch the beginning and they had to put so much work into explaining the premise of the series, and it would delight me every time. Now it leads to repeats of S.W.A.T. where the premise is “abs”.


10:30-11 Detroiters – Tim finds out he isn’t well-liked on the Internet. What? Certainly not on any Internet that I’ve been to! You’d better check that again, Tim!




8-9 BattleBots – Bronco and Duck! battle it out. Man, I’m a big Bronco fan. Yes, I have a favorite and it’s the robot that flips other robots ten feet into the air.


9-10 The Great British Baking Show – The bakers make pies this week and “none of the bakers has used a pastry dolly before and it proves the downfall of many”. Man, this show is elegant.




8-9 Big Brother – Nominations! And hopefully something else to fill out the hour! The App Store maybe? I don’t quite have the flow of this season down yet.


9:30-10 Ghosted – The Bureau struggles to be taken seriously and receive very little support. I love that they seem to be phasing out the supernatural aspect, even though that’s the premise of the show. I don’t know what the long-term plan is but this is such a longshot for renewal that maybe they don’t need a long-term plan. The point is that this is a good show.


9-10 Sharp Objects – I haven’t seen the pilot yet so I don’t know enough to summarize the very long listing. It looks great and I’ll report back once I’ve seen it and let you know whether I like this Amy Adams show. Which of course I’ll like. The only Amy Adams things I don’t like are movies where she plays Lois Lane, and none of that mess is her fault.


10-11 Preacher – Jesse tests Tulip and Cassidy’s faith, which is a nice change of pace because usually he’s just testing their patience. Also, it’s worth nothing that the listings show Talking with Chris Hardwick is on after, and AMC said they pulled that from the schedule pending an investigation into certain allegations. I don’t think there’s been any announcement, but either they’re happy with what they found or they haven’t updated their listings yet.


The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale – Six new episodes of a show that makes more sense to be released on a weekly basis, but I’m not going to complain. Show us crazy TV from around the world, Joel!


“I’m surrounded by squalor and death and I still can’t be happy.” — Lindsay Bluth


“I didn’t think I would ever be at a cocktail party in literal hell lecturing my teacher / ex-lover about moral particularism, but life throws you curveballs, bro!” — Eleanor Shellstrop

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