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The schedule remains wild this week, including the return of Doctor Who featuring a new Doctor, a new showrunner and new everything else. Except the psychic paper. That’s probably exactly the same. It’s also the season finale of Venture Bros. so that means there’s only one week where I have to recap both shows, but for that week, I will be the most bullyable recapper in the business.

I have a weird pain in my stomach, so I’m going to cut the intro short because I want to lay down.

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!




8-9 Dancing with the Stars – Well, Nikki Glaser was eliminated and now my votes are up for grabs. This week, they’re dancing to songs about New York, which seems a little thin as far as theme weeks go, but I’m not in charge.


8-8:30 The Neighborhood – SERIES PREMIERE! Cedric the Entertainer is not happy that Schmidt from New Girl is his new neighbor. Hilarity ensues! Or something like hilarity, but more bland. I like Schmidt, though!

8:30-9 Happy Together – SERIES PREMIERE! In this infinitely sustainable and totally relatable premise, a massive pop star moves in with his accountant and his wife. I didn’t make that up. It’s nice to see the lady from Ghosted landed on her feet, though.


10-11 Manifest – The passengers from Flight 828 find themselves under government scrutiny. I thought the pilot (of the show, not of Flight 828) was pretty OK. I’ll stick with it for a little bit and see if they can smooth out the clunky bits.


9-10:18 Better Call Saul – Jimmy and Kim unburden themselves and Mike has cause to worry. This is vague enough to not spoil anything for my friends. Also not a spoilee: Bob Odenkirk doing the Senator Howard Tankerbell voice from Mr. Show last week was unexpected and hilarious and also totally made sense in the show.

10:18-11:20 Lodge 49 – Dud and Ernie are eager to close their deal but there are other considerations. I didn’t make that one vague, it started out that way. I’m catching up on this show and it’s good and I just now realized that Liz was Hester on Season Two of Humans. Those robot eyes will throw you off!




8-10 Dancing with the Stars – Second episode this week celebrates Las Vegas. I don’t know if everybody dances or just the couples in jeopardy. You would think a two-hour episode would allow everybody enough time, but last week really showed off their ability to stretch.


8-9 The Gifted – Thunderbird contacts a mutant lawyer and it’s not clear if she specializes in mutant law or if she’s a lawyer who has a mutant power. And if it’s the latter, does she have a power that helps her in her job like the ability to sense lies or photographic memory, or does she have a combat power despite her desk job? Does she have acid hands that are never useful?


9-10 This Is Us – The Pearsons support Kevin at his movie premiere and make decisions about college in the past. And probably speak vaguely about a woman without revealing her identity in the future. How will this show add another time period next season? Will they have to resort to an alternate timeline?


10-11 Wrecked – SEASON FINALE! The Wreckedaways wage war on the rich and take over the mansion. I am very worried about who will survive the season finale of this comedy and curious as to how they can set up an even more dangerous premise for next season.


10-11:30 Mayans M.C. – Man, they just let Kurt Sutter go as long as he needs to, huh? Not every episodes needs to run 50% longer than scheduled, bro.

11:30-12:40 am Mr. InBetween – Hey, I really liked the premiere. It stays out of the traps that we so often see with basing a show on an antihero and I think it was really clever. Weird thing – the series ran for six half hour episodes in Australia, and FX is running it over three weeks. Why are they burning through it so fast? To make sure it doesn’t have time to benefit from word of mouth? Cool network, guys!




8-9 Survivor – I already have misgivings about this season because of Mark Burnett, but the premiere also included wacky munchkin music accompanying the introduction of some shorter contestants. This show might have to sit out a season with me.


8-8:30 The Goldbergs – Adam’s girlfriend returns after a summer away and it’s like she’s a whole different person. I wonder if they’re hinting that she’s been recast.

9-9:30 Modern Family – I can’t get over the fact that there’s a character named “Arvin” on this show now, because I can’t not picture Arvin Sloane from Alias and that makes it very weird.

9:30-10 Single Parents – I liked the premiere! The relationships are a little contrived, but the jokes are very good. Taran Killam and Brad Garrett doing the Moana song? I am on board.


10-10:30 It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaDee and Dennis get new friends. So about last week… boy, the timing of that episode about dudes not taking a sexual harassment seminar seriously could not have been worse, right?


10:30-11 BoJack Horseman – I missed talking about the premiere last week, but Comedy Central is now airing the early seasons of the awesome Netflix series. So this is the second episode, before it really settles into the groove of what the show is, but it’s still really funny. Also, I have no idea how badly these episodes will be edited or cut for time, so I don’t know if endorse watching the cable versions.




8:30-9 The Good Place – Michael’s plan hits an unexpected snag. Since I’m waiting for friends to catch up, I’ll just mention that the official Good Place podcast is genuinely wonderful and informative and funny. Every week, host and Spunkybuddy Marc Evan Jackson discusses the new episode with the people who make the show, and it’s so good.


Please note that I am watching Superstore on Hulu to see if I should add it to the schedule on a regular basis. There is nobody who cares about this but me, but I feel bad that the Thursday listings are so light. I’ve failed you!




9-10 Hell’s Kitchen – Keep in mind that this is an unscripted reality competition show. With that in mind, please note that the promo for this episode focuses on whether an actual person has been driven mad by grief. I love this show, but this is pretty bad.


Big Mouth – The second season of the animated puberty comedy hits today and I am thrilled. I almost missed the first season because it looked dumb, and it is, but it’s dumb in such a sincere and funny way.


The Man in the High CastleThe long-delayed third season about the increasingly less speculative series about an America under Nazi control hits today.




10-11 Flight of the Conchords: Live at the Apollo – New Zealand’s greatest comedy band returns for this concert film. These guys are great so you should watch this. I don’t know what more I can say at this point;


11:30-1 am Saturday Night Live – Awkwafina hosts and I believe she is a music person, but I know her from Ocean’s Eight so I can’t speak to her prior or later career. She’s good at heisting, though!




1:45-3:30 Doctor Who – SEASON PREMIERE! Yes, it’s airing in the afternoon because it’s a global simulcast, like they did with the 50th Anniversary episode. It’ll also air at 8 PM in the usual time slot. This episode premieres the new Doctor in the form of Jodie Whittaker. She was great on Broadchurch and I think she’s going to be an awesome Doctor. I’m a little less enthused about new showrunner Chris Chibnall because outside of the underrated “The Power of Three”, his Who work has been pretty meh. But he’s done a lot of Broadchurch since he was working on the show regularly, so there’s room for optimism.


8-8:30 The Simpsons – Marge and Homer compete on Marge’s favorite reality show. If they’re competing as a pair, does that mean she’s an Amazing Race fan? Boy, I hope so.

8:30-9 Bob’s Burgers – The kids want to win a dune buggy and Teddy convinces Bob and Linda to take in a live chicken. I loved both of these ideas and can only imagine it will somehow involve a chicken in a runaway dune buggy by the end.


8-10 Dancing with the Stars Juniors – SERIES PREMIERE! It’s the Muppet Babies version of DWTS and since I don’t like seeing kids do things, I’m already tapping out. I think it’s probably a fun family show that is not meant for me anyway. So enjoy yourselves, families!


9-10:26 The Walking Dead – SEASON PREMIERE! The group heads to Washington DC. Hey, did you know Rick is leaving the show? Because he is. And if you didn’t hear about it somehow, they’re promoting these as “Rick’s Final Episodes”, in order to ensure that there is no surprise whatsoever.


9-10 The Deuce – Frankie decides to become a producer on a porno because he’s had access to cash for thirty seconds and hasn’t gambled it away yet. Frankie is the absolute dumbest.


12-12:30 am The Venture Bros. – SEASON FINALE! The Monarch and 21 face their ultimate ordeal while the Venture brothers confront one of their own. Boy, that sounds like one of the earlier clones survived, but it could also be JJ (or a clone therof) or even Dermott, all of whom are technically “Venture brothers”. I don’t even know but I’m very excited for what will probably be an inconclusive ending that will be resolved in the next season premiere.


“For once, maybe somebody will call me ‘sir’ without adding ‘You’re making a scene’.” — Homer Simpson


“The only difference between Senor Chang and Stalin is that I know who Senor Chang is.” — Troy Barnes



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