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We’re just about at the end of the summer TV doldrums. In fact, this week we’ve got season premieres of two shows I like a lot, so that’s some good news. For me, at least. Anyway, next week will still be light, and then the networks kick it into gear and my free time is gone, baby!

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!




8-10 American Ninja Warrior – This is Night Three of the Las Vegas National Finals. It may be just Stage Two, it may encompass Stage Two and Stage Three. It might be the season finale. I could probably find additional information by poking around, but I don’t want to spoil myself.


9-10 The Deuce – SEASON PREMIERE! The final season of David Simon’s show about the beginnings of the porn industry starts here! So obviously this is a great jumping on point! Anyway, there’s a time jump to 1985 when VHS throws the market into disarray. I assume there will be a million more subplots but also this is the kind of show where they could tell us that virtually any character died during the years they skipped over and you’d have to agree, yeah, that tracks.


9-10 The Terror: Infamy – Chester comes face to face with a man who questions his very nature and the Japanese American prisoners are forced to undertake a humiliating exercise. So all in all, another feel good hour!

10-11 Lodge 49 – Liz starts a business and Dud adjusts to married life. And somehow, this is all leading to Dud and Ernie being on a failing small plane with Paul Giamatti and a mascot.




9-11 30 For 30: Rodman – For Better or Worse – I don’t think I’ve ever listed ESPN on the schedule before, though I do like a 30 For 30 occasionally. But this one is all about Dennis Rodman and should be fascinating. I hope it covers his appearances on Celebrity Apprentice like the time he and Tom Green missed party of a task because they were out all night partying with Russians, or the time the man who is now President told him he had pretty eyes.




8-9 Big Brother – Veto Night! Probably! It gets pretty wonky near the end of the season, so no promises. And as of tonight, there are two weeks to go. And if you had told me at the beginning of the season that I’d be praying for a Holly/Nicole finale, I would have thought you were nuts.


8-9 MasterChef – In the second London episode, the Top Four have to make a venison dish. It that specifically English? Because it seems weird to go to London for that challenge when they could have gone any place that has hunting season.





9-10 Big Brother – Probably a live eviction episode. If I’d known Michie was going to be around this long, I wouldn’t have blown through all my jokes about his square head in the first recap.


10-10:30 Mr. InBetween – SEASON PREMIERE! The Australian comedy about a hitman who’s also a divorced dad returns! I really enjoyed this show last season, and I’m glad they’re running it an episode at a time this year instead of blocks of two episodes. When your season is only six episodes long, you don’t need to double schedule, you know?




8-10 BattleBots – A surprising twist blows the competition wide open. What twist? Is it suddenly about humans instead of robots so now it’s just boxing? That would be a twist!


Undone – This new animated time-travel drama was created by the creator of BoJack Horseman along with the BoJack writer who’s made me cry the most. It’s about a teen who finds a new way to experience time, so she investigates the death of her father, who is voiced by Bob Odenkirk. So this is definitely a thing I’ll watch.




8-9 Big Brother – This is probably nomination night, but I’m not willing to commit to that as an official statement. It’s speculation and I will not be held to it.


9-10:05 Fear the Walking Dead – Al and Morgan head into a dangerous settlement. Uh oh, that sounds very “Regular Walking Dead“, so hopefully they’re going to do something with that show’s repeated plot where every settlement hides a dark secret and that secret is zombies.

10:05-11:05 Preacher – Cassidy and Tulip hide Humperdoo from Starr and man, did they not need to turn that one gag into an ongoing plot point. This show makes some weird choices.


10-10:40 The Righteous Gemstones – No information available! It will be great, I bet!


10-12:30 am The Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin – A new roast! And this one will definitely be weird to watch because Alec Baldwin is funny and I want to like him, but any joke that is rooted in accuracy will be a reminder of exactly why he’s actually kind of a bad guy. This is going to be an emotional minefield!


“That money is like twenty-five years old. It’s probably not even good anymore.” — Jake Peralta


“I know it’s not gonna win any penis awards. But there aren’t penis awards, so whatever.” — Tandy Miller

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