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This week, we’ve got new seasons of Daredevil and Making a Murderer, plus the premiere of the Roseanne-less The Conners and the return of DuckTales after a season break that was shorter than the mid-season break. It’s a good week!

And if you’d like to see a good movie, I really enjoyed Bad Times at the El Royale. I mean, it’s got Jon Hamm and Chris Hemsworth so your handsome needs will be easily met.

Here’s what to watch on TV this week!




8-10 Dancing with the Stars – Tonight we have trio dances! And if you’re not familiar with that term, I understand it’s apparently a drinking game.


10-11 Manifest – One of the callings goes awry and there’s a search to find the flight attendant of 828. Do you think she masterminded the whole thing? Who made five years disappear for a plane full of people? The lady with the drink cart!




8-8:30 The Conners – SEASON PREMIERE! Or series premiere. I can’t decide. It’s the rebooted Roseanne without Roseanne. I really hope this works because it’s nice that people didn’t lose their jobs over her, but I’m also not super excited to watch it. But I actively refused to watch the first season of the reboot, so I guess my interest has increased.

8:30-9 The Kids are Alright – SERIES PREMIERE! This is a show about a family with a bunch of kids in the ’70s. Because ABC can’t possibly have a sitcom that isn’t also a period piece. There’s part of me that wants them to launch a family sitcom that’s set in, like, 2014. Just a couple years back for no good reason.

10-11 The Rookie – SERIES PREMIERE! Nathan Fillion, best known as Cactoid Jim in The Thrilling Adventure Hour, plays the oldest rookie in LAPD history. Just based on the commercial, he faces so much age discrimination that the second episode has to be him winning a multi-million dollar lawsuit and the rest of the series is him just enjoying his money.


8-9 The Gifted – We now have characters on this show named “Wire” and “Graph”. Once we started acting like “Cable” was an acceptable name despite not having any connection to his powers, backstory, or look, this was the next logical step.


9-10 This Is Us – A young Jack makes a decision that will impact the course of his life. He decides to buy a slow cooker. It’s not a super interesting episode, but it’s full of foreshadowing.


10-11:30 Mayans M.C. – New secrets are brought to light. It would be better if they were old secrets and suddenly everybody knew who Easy made out with in seventh grade.




8-9 Survivor – Hey, there’s a tribe swap! Because nothing says “this gimmick of having purposely lopsided tribes is working out great” like switching up the tribes after three episodes.


8-8:30 The Goldbergs – Adam discovers that his mother has been manipulating him and kid’s a bit slow on the uptake if he’s just now getting that.

9-9:30 Modern Family – Manny’s girlfriend stays with Jay and Gloria and wackiness ensues because his girlfriend is actually the Tasmanian Devil wearing a dress.

9:30-10 Single Parents – You know what? I have no idea what anybody’s name is on this show. The listings are gibberish because these names could be kids or parents or people from other shows. Just call Brad Garrett “Brad Garrett”.


9-10 All American – The first episode of this show was very good. I think I’ll watch more. This has been your mini-review.


10-10:30 It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaThis is being promoted as a clip show. I hope there’s some kind of twist to it because otherwise that’s pretty sad. They take a long time between short seasons and then do a dang clip show like this is Golden Girls or something. Boo.




8-8:30 It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – Oh, we’re getting to the time of year when I get to talk about Peanuts. Instead of getting into the specific of this special, let me tell you the saddest story. So, Charles Schulz did Peanuts for almost fifty years, and he did it by himself instead of farming it out like many strip cartoonists. And he died the day the last Sunday strip appeared in papers, but that’s not the sad thing. The sad thing is the second to last daily strip. The last daily (and last Sunday) is a typed farewell to the readers, so this is the last actual new material. And it’s a weird strip because it has a long text block instead of panels and word balloons. It’s one illustration and a block of text talking about a snowball fight. I love those late period Schulz swerves, by the way. That’s a different story. Because here’s the thing. The last two words of the text are in a noticeably different font. It’s not Schulz’ lettering. So the man had to stop his life’s work because Parkinson’s disease made his hands shake too much, but then with the finish line in sight, he couldn’t letter those last two words. And that’s the saddest story.


8:30-9 The Good PlaceHey, thanks for keeping it vague and not spoiling things for my Season One friends, NBC! “The group explores the three main branches of ethical thought”. Also? That is a wild description for a network sitcom.




9-10 Crazy Ex-Girlfriend – Rebecca convinces everybody to take part in a seance despite the fact that she is clearly suffering from ongoing mental health issues and this is maybe not a great idea.


9-10 Hell’s Kitchen – The teams participate in a sled race for an advantage in the soup challenge. I don’t even know how they’ll pretend that a sled race is in any way related to the job of being a chef.


Daredevil – Season Three hits today, and this season is finally going to bring us Bullseye as a villain. Also, Matt Murdock was apparently dead at the end of Defenders and I’m sure the first episode will be about how he actually survived but they could also just assume that nobody made it to the end of Defenders and ignore it. Point is, this should be very good because I’ve enjoyed the previous seasons a lot.

Making a Murderer – The second season returns to the Steven Avery case. And while we can agree that some things were badly mishandled and there was some upsetting coercion going on, it’s also come to light that the filmmakers deliberately chose to leave out any mention of some physical evidence tying Avery to the crime. As a result, I’m a lot less interested than I would have been.




7:30-8 am DuckTales – SEASON PREMIERE! The second season of this much better than it deserves to be reboot kicks off with Game Night. They could use a breather after that Shadow War, you know?




8-8:30 The Simpsons – It’s Treehouse of Horror XXIX! This year, Homer and Cthulhu have an oyster eating contest, body-snatchers take over Springfield, and Mr. Burns opens a Jurassic retirement home. Hey, do you think next year’s Treehouse of Horror is going to be extra sexy?

8:30-9 Bob’s Burgers – Candy bags start mysteriously disappearing and the Belcher kids try to find the culprit. This show does very good Halloween episodes. Actually, they’re strong on all the holidays. They’re just a good show.


8-9:10 Doctor Who – So far, the new Doctor is very good. I’m a little bit worried about the taste level of this week’s episode where the Doctor meets Rosa Parks, but let’s hear them out.


9-10:07 The Walking Dead – A mysterious disappearance divides the work camp. Hopefully they talk a lot more about trade, because resource management is always the most exciting part.


9-10 The Deuce – I am getting caught up on this show! I take pride in that. Also, and this is awkward, one of the things I appreciate about this show is that the prostitutes are pretty seedy and believable, but for some reason the peep show women are just insanely hot. It’s the single most inauthentic note about the show and I’m also sort of OK with it.

10-10:30 Camping – The pilot hasn’t aired as I write this, but how am I not going to be charmed by a show starring Jennifer Garner and David Tennant?


“Some say you destroy your enemy by making them your friend. I’m more of a literal person.” — Karl Strand


“Nothing can make up for almost killing me over a briefcase full of what I can only assume is either plutonium or a human soul.” — Sterling Archer

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