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It’s GLOW Week! That’s right, the Netflix series returns for Season Three on Friday and I am super excited. More on that later! Both on the appropriate day in the schedule and hopefully I’ll write about the new season next week. Anyway, that’s pretty much the focus of the week, so get pumped!

Here’s what to watch on TV this week! 



8-10 American Ninja Warrior – It’s the Tacoma Finals! I still don’t have NBC! Here’s the thing that’s an issue for me. I’ve been planning on switching my TV service for a while, partly over money partly because a dish service is just not going to get a signal for about two weeks every winter in my neck of the woods. But I don’t want to switch while this is going on because I don’t want DirecTV to think I’m taking the station owner’s side. So I almost have to wait until they resolve this before I can switch. It’s a nightmare.


10-11 Legion – The penultimate episode of the series is, according to FX, “The beginning of the end”. Man, it’s going to be hard for these last two episodes to top the Jemaine Clement / Jason Mantzoukas rap battle.


7-7:30 – Bajillion Dollar Propertie$ – SEASON PREMIERE! The long-completed but never aired fourth season was in limbo after Seeso folded, but it found a home! Now, here’s the bad news. Pluto TV is an app-based service. It’s free, but it also airs programming on a set schedule with no way to select or record. So if you want to see this, you have to sit down and watch it when it’s airing. Which is ridiculous but I love this show and I’ll make the effort.




10-10:30 Drunk History – This episode on “Bad Blood” features stories about Typhoid Mary and Cleopatra’s sister. It will be hard to top last week, which featured both Mark Gagliardi and Paget Brewster as narrators because those two are the best Drunk History narrators. But it’ll still be fun. I can’t fault every episode of TV that doesn’t boast the Brewster / Gags combo.


10:30-11 The Detour – No information available. Which is frustrating, but it also meant that last week when Nate met his father and his father was played by Jere Burns, I was delightfully surprised. Also, the creator of The Detour liked my Tweet about how I was watching that instead of the debates, so good for me I guess!




8-9 MasterChef – It’s a team challenge that is also NASCAR related. The thing I like about when TV shows I watch do NASCAR challenges is they can tell me any random person is a celebrity in that world, and I’m forced to believe them. There is literally no way for me to find out otherwise. I haven’t know a driver’s name since Dick Trickle!

9-10 BH90210 – SERIES PREMIERE! This is sort of a revival of Beverly Hills 90210 except that it’s a scripted series about the cast of the show deciding to do a revival. It’s a weird premise, but I am so clearly not the audience for this. I’m not clear on who the audience is, but I assume they’re out there and they vote with their pocketbooks or whatever.


9-10 Big Brother – Veto Competition! Man, Thursday’s episode was so weird because they kept talking about the chaos over the last hour but they didn’t show or explain it and the result of whatever happened was that the vote turned out exactly the way we expected it to because apparently it had changed overnight but then changed back, so the net effect on the home viewer was zero.




8-9 Holey Moley – There is an ongoing debate in my life about whether you should choose Steph Curry or the golf robot on that one hole and the obvious answer is the golf robot. That said, could I turn down Steph Curry in person? No, I could not and neither could any of you.


9-10 Big Brother – Live Eviction! Hey, that Veto Competition last week was baloney, right? Since Nick had to win three rounds but Tommy only had to win two? That’s bad challenge design, CBS!


10-10:30 Baskets – “Chip wants a life plan”. So, hey, they just announced that this is the last season of Baskets and I’m crushed. Obviously I blame everybody who didn’t watch it. Which is most of everybody, so my enemies list is long.




8-10 BattleBots – No information available, but you don’t need much. I missed an episode somehow and just caught it last week and man, Rotator taking out Tombstone was one of the most satisfying TV moments of the year. It was up there with Flex Mentallo or Arya Stark doing her move.

GLOW – SEASON PREMIERE! Oh yeah! Season Three of one of my current favorite shows hits today and this is up there with BoJack Horseman and The Tick as a streaming show that I binge binge. Like, I will probably watch the whole season before I go to bed on Friday. It’s so good. Here’s the fun thing about being an Alison Brie fan – the stuff she does, with the exception of Get Hard, is generally very good. She’s the Jon Hamm of ladies!




8-9 Big Brother – Nominations! You know what I miss? The Sunday episode food competitions where they’d work as a group to win various kinds of food for the week. I think they phased that out because what’s in the pantry has so little bearing on the show, but you almost need a competition in an episode to break things up a little bit.


10-11 Preacher – Cassidy reflects on choices he made 100 years ago while the Saint of Killers closes in on Jesse. With this being the final season, it looks like they are definitely skipping the story that made Cassidy totally unsympathetic, which is not a bad choice.


“Phil, I’m your wife. And I want you to know you can always talk to me about your diarrhea.” — Carol Pilbasian-Miller


“I was born a hundred years too late. God’s done some good work, but He messed up my birthday.” — Linda Belcher

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