Now that we’ve reached the end of 2011, it’s safe to look back and try to rank my list of what to watch on TV.  For me, a Top Ten list isn’t enough – that probably indicates that I’m pad at making decisions, but there are so many series that I want to talk about.  So, I’m once again doing a Top Twenty.  It was a year of upheaval – perennial first-place winner Lost ended in 2010.  Also, this year didn’t bring new seasons of Mad Men, Venture Bros., Delocated, or Eastbound and Down.  That wipes out half of last year’s Top Ten right there.

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  1. […] are two of the best shows on TV.  In fact, we did TWO Best of 2011 lists, and both shows made both lists.  I haven’t run the numbers, but that makes for an impressive showing. These two shows, clearly […]

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