13.  Fringe (FOX) – I had kind of given up on this show – the first season really disappointed me and it got relegated to the “Watch in the background while I’m doing other things” category.  It was spunkybuddy Larry Young who convinced me to give Fringe a second chance, and I am fully on board now.  The introduction of the alternate timeline really opened the show up and gave the show an individual identity, and this year the conflict between the timelines took center stage.  In one of my favorite storylines on any show, the spirit of William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) took over Olivia’s body, and we all learned that Anna Torv does a dynamite Nimoy.  This particular arc climaxed with a journey inside Olivia’s mind, in an episode that was almost entirely animated.  In the meantime, Peter removed himself from reality to save the world, and the new season presented us with a timeline that was changed by the absence of Peter.  So this year, John Noble played three different versions of Walter Bishop, and he did each of them brilliantly.  Larry was right – Fringe got good!

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