12.  Futurama (Comedy Central) – The Planet Express crew really got their groove back this year, as the writing team cranked up the science-geek aspect that really made the series work in the first place.  This season saw Bender gain the ability to replicate himself, future crime, time travel, a four-dimensional space whale, and much more.  It seems like no idea was too crazy, as evidenced by the fractal cloud of Benders or the “Mousetrap”-inspired suicide machine.  But amid all the craziness, we got a surprisingly sweet story about how the Professor and Zoidberg first met and a strong episode about Fry and Leela’s relationship.  The season finale alone deserves some kind of award, as “Reincarnation” presented three thematically linked stories, each done in a different animation style (40s-style black and white, an 8-bit video game, and anime).  Much of the season was incredibly convoluted, but it was always funny.

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