As a rule, I don’t include reality shows.  Which is not any kind of anti-reality bias on my part.  It just feels like comparing apples to oranges, and in a lot of cases, the quality of a reality competition has little to do with how much I enjoy it.  I mean, I love Celebrity Apprentice, but I also know that it is in no way “good”.  (Although, my list will contain at least one documentary series, which is different from a reality competition.  My rules make sense to me at least!)  I also require that a series air at least six episodes over the calendar year to be eligible.  That didn’t really factor into my choices this year, though the one Venture Bros. episode that aired was pretty great.

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  1. […] are two of the best shows on TV.  In fact, we did TWO Best of 2011 lists, and both shows made both lists.  I haven’t run the numbers, but that makes for an impressive showing. These two shows, clearly […]

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