And now, the bottom ten of the Top Twenty!

20.  Up All Night (NBC) This was my most anticipated show of the fall season, mostly because Will Arnett is awesome.  I’m a bit of a hard sell on baby-themed humor.  I don’t automatically think babies are adorable and/or hilarious.  Sure, it’s cool if you like your infant, but I don’t need to hear about how it made a face.  Luckily, despite the initial advertising, this didn’t turn out to be a baby show.  Arnett and Christina Applegate are great as new parents, without being solely defined by that parenthood.  And I’m personally thrilled to see Will play a character who’s not a clueless rich d-bag.  Sure, he owns that role, but it’s good to stretch.  And after some initial floundering, Maya Rudolph’s character has come together – it’s a strong cast in a funny show, and I’m glad it seems to have found an audience.

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