19.  The Office (NBC) Yes, The Office’s best days are long behind it, but as of last year’s Christmas episode, it really rallied to produce a solid year of entertainment.  Sure, there have been some missteps (like the fact that Kevin has gone from being a little dumb to a cartoonish buffoon), but the good has definitely outweighed the bad.  Steve Carell’s final episodes were mostly excellent, and his exit in particular was a classic.  Will Ferrell was great in his short run, even if his character had a different personality in each episode.  They were funny personalities, so it worked out.  Andy and Erin really click as the new emotional center of the show, and Ed Helms was the perfect choice for the new manager – he’s different enough from Michael that they now have access to different kinds of stories.  And Craig Robinson’s Darryl adds so much to the show.  He’s the show’s new secret weapon.  (James Spader’s Robert California is, of course, their not-so-secret weapon.)

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