17.  Sons of Anarchy (FX) This season, Sons really came together for me.  I’ve been watching it since the beginning, and I’ve enjoyed it, but I never got emotionally involved until this year.  This year, creator Kurt Sutter blew up all of the established relationships, giving us an increasingly desperate Clay, a scheming Gemma, and a Jax who’s stronger than ever before.  We saw Tara pushed to the edge, and supporting characters like Tig and Opie come into their own.  The overall arc of the season brought a new level of complexity to the show, with SAMCRO fighting wars on multiple fronts, including some that they didn’t even know about.  In fact, it was reminiscent of The Shield in the way it used really visceral storytelling in support of a layered meta-story.  And the cast has never been better – Katie Sagal absolutely owned this season.  This year, Sons went from being a good show to a great show.

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