16.  Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) Larry David went to New York this season, a storyline that was potentially worrisome.  After all, he defined New York humor with Seinfeld, and going back could have come off as an attempt to coast on past success.  But the fact is, Larry is still Larry, no matter where he goes.  A new setting didn’t change him one bit.  And though Cheryl was missed, it was a hoot to see the (once again) single Larry try to hit the dating scene.  This was the year when Curb got its buzz back, with cringeworthy moments like Larry accidentally mocking Parkinson’s Disease or outing a seven-year-old (and also teaching him about swastikas).  In a year when something like South Park faltered badly in its attempts to be more edgy than ever, Larry David showed us all how it’s done.

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