And then there’s Amazing Spider-Man.  It has its moments, and both Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are awesome.  But, well, some people get Spider-Man and some don’t.  There are some tweaks to the origin, which I assume is to make it different from the 2002 movie, but all of the changes get the character wrong.  And they take great pains to not use the phrase “with great power comes great responsibility”, which is kind of Spider-Man’s mission statement.  In fact, Uncle Ben expresses a similar thought, but the phrasing is so labored that it’s ridiculous.  Also, the focus on Peter Parker’s parents is a bad misstep.  Their role in Spider-Man’s story is to die before it begins and never comes up again.  Heck, this movie uses the secret of Peter Parker’s father as a teaser for a sequel.  Some nice moments, and some hard work from Garfield, but it gets the core of the character wrong.

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3 Responses to What to Watch on TV – Los Schedule Hermanos (July 9-15)

  1. cub says:

    BrBa recaps, you say?

    YESSSSSSSSSSS… yes, the internet wants this.

  2. Don says:

    Someday we’ll be talking about Wipeout as the longest running show in TV history because it’s that easy and that awesome. It was interesting last week to see military men and women struggle on the course. I prefer to think it’s because the Wipeout course is difficult, and not because our armed forces are as soft as our general population.

    Oh, and you should be happy to know “Fantasy Suites” weren’t skeevy at all.

  3. EJ says:

    Cub, I hereby nominate you as the Internet’s spokesperson in this matter. Breaking Bad recaps coming your way!

    Don – I couldn’t believe how hard the new Wipeout Zone looked. I can’t even imagine how regular people are going to get through a couple of them.

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