Previously on Big Brother, there was a Double Eviction blindside and Brett had to sit there in the stuido while Julie called him “Brent” and signed off as Julie Chen-Moonves. Awkward.  In the end, he had to go hang out with “Blockstar” in the jury house, and we actually felt for the guy.

Back in the wake of Brett’s eviction, JC is angry that he didn’t know about the blindside and he officially doesn’t trust Tyler anymore. We are shown the whisper conspiring we missed on the live show: Tyler told Brett they were backdooring Angela or Kaycee–most importantly saying that he should go ahead and throw the veto– and then confirmed with the girls the real plan.  He also made JC and Sam feel secure by asking them to trust him over and over. Sam gave Tyler a whole list of reasons why Angela sucks, including that she’s an entitled bitch. Going in to the veto, it was OK for anyone but Brett to win, and when Angela did, it was on. JC is shocked, Brett is left stewing during what had to be the commercial break, while Tyler and Angela make gestures that look vaguely like they’re throwing gang signs.

In storage after the live show, Sam fesses up to Angela that she called her a bitch.  They hug it out and make up. But, of course, Angela’s not completely cool with it. In the DR she announces “this bitch is eventually gonna send your ass home.” Tyler makes up a story that Brett was coming for her, and Sam buys it. He’s got a lot of ass to cover at this point, and it will be interesting to see if he can do it should he make it to the end.

JC doesn’t buy Tyler’s line that Brett was coming for him and says the girls don’t trust him (JC), so it’s not in his best interest to keep them both.  Tyler insists they want Sam gone, which is also not untrue. They just want to make it to final three with Tyler, period.  JC continues that Tyler is too close to Angela. He DRs that he wants to put Tyler on the block if he wins HOH.

Tyler, dressed in a Heffner-esque red velvet robe, hosts the “BB Flix and Chill” HOH.  The players are given clues about BB-themed “movies” and have to make their choice by process of elimination. Only the first to ring in gets a point, so having the right answer is only half the battle. The winner will be the one with the most points after seven questions. It’s a little like one of those bar trivia games, but instead of reading the clues, you have to process them being yelled at you in three different voices.  I don’t know how I’d do with this personally. Angela takes an early two point lead, then Sam and JC each get a couple points and make it a game. Kaycee is not a factor. On the last question, Angela needs to either win the point or have Sam lose, and when JC gets the final point, Angela wins the HOH. Tyler is almost instantly in management mode for how to handle JC and Sam being on the block again, but he is obviously thrilled for his lady.

Angela says she wants Sam out first because she doesn’t think she can beat her, and despite the name calling that Sam confessed to, I think Angela is pretty rational about how this could work in the jury house.  She, Tyler and Kaycee talk about how JC will be scheming from the get go and they have to prepare themselves for that whole situation.

Later, lying in the dark in the HOH bed, Tyler and Angela very sweetly confess to being in love with each other. Seriously, unless you despise these people, it’s adorable. You get the sense that since they’ve been somewhat careful about what the do physically since it’s being recorded, and since they can’t be distracted by technology or anything, that they have legitimately gotten to know each other and have developed real feelings.  We’ve certainly seen this before in the Big Brother house…we’re up to three marriages, if you include Victor and Nicole with Jeff and Jordan and Rachel and Brendon, right? Tyler is bright red in the DR as he says he can’t believe it, but he’s definitely in love with Angela.

And if this happened in chronological order, JC is a MASSIVE buzzkill, as he freaks out some more on Tyler in the bathroom area about Angela winning HOH and what that means for him.  Tyler has on the Hef robe, however, so it might have been before the bedroom pow wow.

In an interesting bit of marketing, pop star Bebe Rexha (her real name) is here to perform.  All the houseguests are super into it because all they’ve seen for the last three months is each other, but it might also be the fact that her dress is relying on gravity and what I can only assume is a significant amount of fabric tape to keep it in place.  But Sam actually knows the words to Bebe’s new song, so her emotions may be completely genuine. Tyler is excited that this is his and Angela’s first date. Unfortunately, they can’t exactly cuddle during the show without jeopardizing their games, so they sit there looking a lot more like a couple of 9th graders at their first homecoming dance.

Bebe asks the houseguests if they feel “clearer” for not having cell phones and social media while in the house. They all agree they absolutely do.  This would be an interesting thread to pursue, but this is not that kind of show, so the conversation ends there. Bebe gives them all a group hug and is on her way.  

As we’ve known would be the case since Angela won HOH, Sam and JC are nominated.  Angela calmly explains that she doesn’t stand a chance next to either of them in the end and she hopes they’ll understand the logic behind her decision.  Angels DRs that Sam is the target while JC is now gunning for Angela. We’ll see if he even gets the chance to do that. EJ will be here with the bonus Wednesday eviction before I come back with Thursday’s whittling down the Final Three.  Can Sam or JC pull this thing out, or is a Level Six Final Three almost inevitable? We will know soon!

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2 Responses to Big Brother Season 20, Episode 36–“This Game Made Me Grow A Heart!”

  1. Andrea says:

    I never comment but I read all of your recaps and love them! I think there are 3 BB marriages and 2 current engagements. Daniele Donato and Dominic Briones (Season 13) got married in 2013 and recently had a baby. Also Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson (Season 19) are engaged and getting married next month.
    (Why do I feel embarrassed that I know these things? Whatever. I find it fascinating to see how their relationships play out after they leave the BB house.)

  2. Myndi says:

    Thank you, Andrea! I don’t think I knew that Dani and Dom were still together, or that they’d had a baby! And I think i tend to block out Jess and Cody because I don’t care for them 🙂 But I agree, it’s fascinating to see how things unfold after the Stockholm Syndrome wears off. I think Angela and Tyler’s odds are good since they live relatively close to each other, and I do sense that they are genuine.

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