As you recall, last week the brunette’s shamed my precious blonde team by winning The Bachelorette Blondes v. Brunettes competition, and with 3 weeks to spare.  So my experiment here is now over, but as I am a lover of learning like our dear friend Ames, I feel it is time to dive a little deeper into Ashley’s psyche.  What kind of brunette is it that she really likes?  I mean, really?  So the next question is quite obvious, I’m sure you’ve already guessed it….  “Does [do] Ashley [women] prefer long-haired men or short?”  Sure I mean we all know what men love, every Cosmo magazine tells us it’s long hair.  So ladies just because it looks cute on Michelle Williams, please do yourself (and your boyfriend) a favor and do not get a pixie cut.  If we are being honest with ourselves, we don’t have the bone structure to support it (trust me I tried it in college, those are the hair times we do not speak of).

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