So, where we?  Oh, right.  A handsome young J.Crew model named Aaron has come to invite The Grimes Gang to audition to join his community.  He then rethinks that word choice  (“ that sounds like we’re a dance troupe. That’s only on Friday nights.”  Humor is a rare commodity in the apocalypse. Also, hint one.)  He says his job is to convince them to follow him back, but seeing their reluctance, he explains he wouldn’t go either. He assures them that they will be safe.  He has pictures of the security fence. He starts to talk about how people are critical to their success when Rick knocks him out cold and instructs that he be tied up.

They go through his backpack, and find that he has a flare gun. (Hint two.)  Michonne and Maggie think he’s OK.  Maggie reminds them that he could have attacked them outside, but didn’t. Rick asks him how many people are in this community?  He volleys back with, “Does it matter? You won’t trust me.” He reveals that he’s the one that left the bottles of water.  Daryl asks how long they’ve been following them.  He doesn’t answer, but rather notes that they don’t turn on each other; they’re survivors, which is a most important resource. He asks how he can convice them that it’s real? He offers to drive them all there, but Rick continues to be insanely skeptical. Michonne throws the Judith card to get Rick to agree to check it out.  I love when she asserts her position! Rick sends everyone out in groups of two to protect the perimeter.  Michonne, Glenn, Abraham, Rosita and Maggie head out on a recon mission to find Aaron’s supposed vehicles. As they walk, we see they’re being watched by a man from behind tractor.

Back in the barn, Judith is crying while Rick crushes acorns for her to eat. Aaron offers some applesauce from his pack, made from their nearby appletrees. Rick makes Aaron taste it first. In a weird moment, Aaron hesitates, saying he hates applesauce, since it’s a food his mom made him eat to be more manly. (Hint three.)

They happen upon a car and an RV. Abraham and Rosita have to knife a few walkers who emerge from woods.  Then they clear the camper. Abraham finds some generic Spaghetti-os, which he’s very excited about. He asks Rosita if she thought he was going to hurt her after he knocked out Eugene. She says no.  They come back to the barn with Aaron’s rations.  Rick says it belongs to them now, indicating that they may be staying in the barn.  Carl and Michonne ask him why they wouldn’t go at this point.  Michonne asks everyone to speak up if they feel differently. Daryl says the barn smells like horseshit.  This reminder seems to make Rick finally OK with going.  Aaron says he wants to drive, but he’ll only go on Route 16.  Rick wants to drive and  to take Route 23. Aaron says 16 is cleared but still won’t say where his camp is exactly.

Rick shares with Michonne that he’s skeptical because of Woodbury and Terminus before this.  He asks if she remembers how quiet those places were when they entered.  Everything was not as it seemed, and the silence was a big clue in hindsight. Michonne, Rick and Glenn drive with Aaron, the rest of the group in the RV.  Aaron shows Michonne pictures of his house. She is excited at first, but then asks why there are no pictures of people.  Aaron fumbles that the exposure wasn’t right.  Suddenly, Michonne asks if Rick asked Aaron the three questions.  She asks how many walkers he’s killed?  His response: “I don’t know, a lot.” How many people? Just two, and simply because they tried to kill him.  Suddenly, Glenn is mowing down tons of walkers with the car.  The car is stalled with walker parts literally stuck in the engine.  When a flare goes up, Aaron says it’s over and knocks Michonne down in his attempt to bolt.  In the mayhem, Glenn has to bang a walker’s head against a rock.  He then saves Aaron from certain death and tells Aaron to run.  Aaron says, “We can only make it together. I was listening.”

At the same time, Rick has to resort to flare gunning a walker in the head which, in addition to being effective, looks incredibly cool. You know, through the TV screen.  Glenn and Aaron bail out Michonne and Rick, who asks Aaron where the camper is now.  He says this better not be a trap.  Back on Route 16, Aaron’s original suggestion, they find the rest of the group.  Aaron begins asking for Eric, who as it turns out is his boyfriend, and who also was the one who sent up the flare.  So, we have our first gay couple of the zombie apocalypse and they don’t seem very sinister at all. I mean, they’re unironically collecting license plates from each state!  Or they were, until the car Aaron kept them in was overtaken by walkers.  Now they just have the new one Eric got. Eric says he has a broken ankle.  Aaron finally tells everyone they’re heading to Alexandria.  Glenn tells Rick, who wanted Aaron to sleep alone in a corner, to let him be with Eric, saying he’s told them the truth so far and both men are unarmed.  Glenn revises his earlier conclusion from when they were in Noah’s neighborhood, saying “It does matter.”

On the road, Aaron sits with a sleeping Eric.  Noah talks to him, and he mentions a surgeon named Pete in Alexandria who might be able to help Noah with his limp. Things seem very hopeful. Rosita points out the Washington Monument.  When the battery dies on the camper,  Glenn knows where to find a spare (Thanks, Dale!) and they get it going.  Still not completely sure of what they’re getting into, Rick hides a gun in a blender near a roadside shack. but when they arrive at the gates, and he hears the sounds of kids playing, he realizes this is not like the other places and smiles at Michonne.  He then gets Judith out of the backseat and everyone prepares for the next chapter.

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