Plot-wise, the movie is mostly predictable, and reminiscent of Flashdance with some bits of Boogie Nights and Saturday Night Fever thrown in.  Much like Jennifer Beals’ Alex had much bigger aspirations than stripping, so does Magic Mike.  He’s just really good at it.  He also seems to be the most grounded of the Xquisite family.  Early in the film, he meets an unapologetically lazy teen named Adam on a construction site (I guess giving him a welding job and romance with his boss would have been a little too on the nose) and later that night, runs into him outside a Tampa club.  First, he gets “The Kid” (as he becomes known) to help him recruit patrons for the show, but when one of the dancers passes out drunk, The Kid ends up thrust into the limelight.  He’s terrible, but luckily, he has the chiseled abs to pull through and the adrenaline rush convinces him to come back for more.

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One Response to What To Watch At The Movies: Magic Mike

  1. Don says:

    A fine review, but I’m still thinking, um, I’m not going to see this.

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