She even takes a bit too long to succumb to the charms of Tatum, whose entrepreneurial stripper is smarter than she thinks he is, but not quite as together as he thinks he is.  He’s one of those guys who’s always got something going and is sure he’s moments away from making it all happen.  In Mike’s case, it’s a custom furniture business.  You might think this furniture would be high end, but you would be wrong.  His heart’s in the right place though, and he’s earnestly saving all those ones in his beach house safe.  He’s heartbreaking in one scene where he takes cash to the bank for a down payment on a small business loan, but even his cute smile cannot overcome his lousy credit score.  And given his associates, he might have been better off just opening a savings account.  For the guys who have been dragged to the movie, there’s a topless Olivia Munn as a psych student Mike hooks up with sometimes, and a few great partying scenes that will offer some respite from all the naked dudes.

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One Response to What To Watch At The Movies: Magic Mike

  1. Don says:

    A fine review, but I’m still thinking, um, I’m not going to see this.

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