Things start off light and fun and get progressively darker, much the way they do in Boogie Nights, but the fact that it’s The Kid–who we’re much less connected to–who has the most cautionary tale make it a little easier to take.  Alex Pettyfer is fun to look at but sorely lacking in the charisma department.  Not that any of it matter much.  While many viewers will be pleasantly surprised that there’s a plot at all, I can’t imagine anyone will walk away wishing they’d gotten more information about this world.  Most will consider this movie just right to watch while sipping a cocktail and ogling the talented cast.  And then they’ll tell themselves to keep an eye out for Channing Tatum’s next big movie.  Three Beans out of Five.

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One Response to What To Watch At The Movies: Magic Mike

  1. Don says:

    A fine review, but I’m still thinking, um, I’m not going to see this.

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